Thursday, September 16, 2010

ArtFire Is Red Hot & On Fire

Artfire has a group Deal you cannot pass up. Check it out.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Firestalker featured artist week of 8/10


I learned how to crochet when I was 9-10 from my mom who is a "doily maker". It was something I liked to do during summer breaks, but never thought I could use it like I'm doing now! I started crocheting during my second pregnancy, I got sick and I had to rest a lot for my little girl's sake so I needed something to keep my hand and mind busy while resting. Most of the works I did during that time are now for sale in my shop. But so far never thought about selling anything, I was just having a lot of fun! Last year my hubby was out of job and we needed to buy clothes for my children...somehow I had a couple of skeins of yarn and I created warm sweaters for them (I think I have a pic of my daughter wearing it). When we went out everybody was asking me where I found those sweater....and orders came to me. I used to crochet gifts for family and friends and other orders arrived....then I tried to crochet some jewelry pieces and decided to try a craft went pretty good and that's why I finally decided to seriously sell my works, even on line.

My inspiration comes from little daily things....the necessity of a warm garment, the willing of embellish my house...and so on. Sometime I use pattern from magazine or from the web, thought I never literally follow them. I just used them like an inspiration, elaborating my own personalization. Some other times, the personalization come along while I'm working :) Or again, like my crocheted jewelry I just created by my self. I just enjoy doing every and each piece and I hope you too can enjoy have it.

FireStalkers Featured Artists week of 8-10 Spiral & CrochetedLittleThings

Get to know spiral

What started out as a wish to make my own set of Goddess prayer beads turned into a full blown passion for designing and making jewelry. What was simply a childhood hobby of doodling and scribbling evolved into a deep interest in learning how to paint and draw. What used to be an amusing pastime of cutting up bits of paper and cloth and putting seemingly disparate images and objects together to create a whole new image turned into a penchant for putting visuals and dreams down on paper or canvass using these very bits of seemingly forgotten pieces. Many bazaars and art fairs later, this desire to create became a longing for the kind of life that allowed me dictate its pace, to savor moments, to translate these into tangible objects of beauty and to share these with people who appreciated them. This is what my little shop is about -- slowing down, breathing deep, taking time to look at the pretty little things, establishing relationships that go beyond the usual busyness of business.

Featured Fire Stalker Studio for August 3

This weeks Featured Studio on The Fire Stalkers is MandiesCandies. Amanda owns MandiesCandies. It is your one stop shop for chocolate of all types. She has been making crafts for about 8 years or so and had begun focusing on candy about 5-6 years ago. I also will pretty much chocolate coat anything! I have some very interest molds and items in my shop. My two current favorite things of everything I make are the peanut butter and fluff cups and the marshmallow mini bites! YUMMY!!! So go take a look at this studio!

You can find MandiesCandies at:

Featured Fire Stalker Studio for August 3

Featured Fire Stalker Studio for August 3

This weeks Featured Studio on The Fire Stalkers is CalliopeCreations. Marianne owns CalliopeCreations. She has been beading and working making small sculptures with natural materials for over 15 years. While the range from high end, elaborate, beaded jewelry and decorated rocks and desert driftwood is unusual, each item satisfies my creative urges. Go check out this wonderful shop!

You can find CalliopeCreations at:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Featured Studio's on The Fire Stalkers StitchnTyme & Elegancebymode

This weeks Featured Studio on The Fire Stalkers is StitchnTyme. Carly owns Stitchntyme. Her cozy corner on ArtFire is filled with exciting pincushions, crochet rag coasters, flower hair clips, lace hair slides, cell phone accessory cases and various other handcrafted goodies are offered throughout my shop.So go take a look at this studio!

You can find StitchnTyme at:

Applique Butterfly Onesies 18 Months

Cell Phone Case - White Daisy

This weeks Featured Studio on The Fire Stalkers is Elegancebymode. Teresa is the owner of this cute shop. She makes wonderful hand woven Swarovski crystal bracelets and just recently added polymer clay jewelry and figures to her shop. Go check out this wonderful shop!

You can find Elegancebymode at:

Fuchsia and Clear Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Beaded Flower sculpture-Pink

Sunday, July 25, 2010

JoAnn VIP cards for every Artfire member...

Way to Rock AF & JoAnn......

One of the questions we get about our Common Good Partnership with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is whether there is any discount available for ArtFire members. We are happy to announce that as part of the Common Good Partnership Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores is offering a special Christmas in July deal to every ArtFire member: the chance to get in on the re-launch of the Jo-Ann VIP Card.

The Jo-Ann VIP card offers a special discount to crafters who sell finished goods. As a member of, you will be able to use proof of your ArtFire store (available here) to qualify for the VIP discount card good for 10% off your purchases at Jo-Ann Stores.

To claim your Jo-Ann VIP card please visit this page. You will find the information you need to use when requesting the card from Jo-Ann. On this page you will also be able to generate and print a certificate that you will need to present at your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store in order to authenticate you identity and activate your card.

If you'd like to thank Jo-Ann for this offer you can become a fan of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts Facebook Fan Page Follow and send out a tweet thanking @joanndotcom on twitter or write a blog post about the deal!

Artfire unveils their Handmade Certificate Application for Pro Members whoi have all Handmade in their shop.

We have officially opened the Certified Handmade Artifact Application Process for members who voluntarily commit to keeping their ArtFire offerings entirely within the Handmade and Fine Art categories. Interested members can apply by filling out the below application and sending it to If you have any questions, please see the FAQ posted below the application.

Please read the following information in full before filling out the application.

Certified Handmade Artifact Application

Artisans must meet the following pre-requisites before an application for the Certified Handmade Artifact will be accepted:

1. Artisan must be a PRO member of ArtFire for at least 60 days.

2. Artisan must be in good standing with including

a. No outstanding cases concerning non-delivery of product.

b. No outstanding cases concerning mis-representation of products for sale

c. No outstanding cases concerning other violations of the ArtFire TOU

3. 100% of the items in the Applicants studio must be listed in Handmade or Fine Art. Studios with commercially produced supplies and destash are not eligible. There are two exceptions that can be made. You may list Handmade supplies in the "Supplies >> Handmade Supplies" categories. You are also allowed to have gift certificates to YOUR studio listed in "Media >> Gift Certificates".

4. Artisan studio must be complete and contain sufficient information including:

a. An avatar

b. A banner

c. Complete Studio Policies

d. A Bio with photo

5. Product photographs must be in-focus and of a reasonably sufficient size.

If you feel you meet the above requirements and you would like to submit an application to receive the Certified Handmade Artifact, please answer the following questions in full and send your complete application and photos to


What is your ArtFire User name?


What is your main handmade craft, including the Main Category you list your craft in? (I.E. You make hand knit scarves so you list in the “Knitting” main category.) :


Do you list in main categories other than your main craft?


If yes to the above, what other handmade crafts do you create and list on ArtFire? Include the Main Category you list in as well.


Please explain in brief but concise detail your handmade process for each main category craft you list on ArtFire. (I.E.if you make Quilts AND Knitting work. Please explain each of your creative processes separately.)

You must include at least two pictures with your email showing your handmade process. You will need to provide:

• At least one picture of your workspace

• At least one picture of a “work in progress”. (I.E. a scarf that has been half knit but not completed).

You may submit more than two pictures. However we must see at least the two pictures detailed above to be considered for the Certified Handmade Artifact.

Please submit your completed application to for consideration. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. You will receive notification once your application has been reviewed informing you of the outcome. Members who do not meet the requirements outlined in the application process can re-apply after 45 days, once the reasons specified in the denial email have been fixed.

I applied and in 2 days was awarded mine.

My first blog post

Hello, ok This is all new to me. This is my 1st blog post. So testing the waters so to speek.

Need a Quilt made, from Recycled Denim to Crown Royal bags check out my Artfire shop here.